A Modern Dinosaur

“You don’t believe girls should even play hockey, do you, Dad?” My daughter Rachelle was chiding me, once again, a couple of years back.
“Well, I,… uh,”. Whatever I said, it didn’t strengthen my case of trying to convince her I wasn’t actually born in the 19th century.

Actually, I’m really happen to witness the female hockey boom. I wish the benefits of playing hockey, as I see them, could extend to the whole wide world. What I had said was that it might be a little while before a woman made it to the NHL. As usual,Rachelle was ready to take an ax to me.

And then a year or so ago she
and I were having a political discussion with, well… I don’t remember exactly who. Maybe I said the wrong thing.
“She doesn’t believe a word you say,” Rachelle read the thoughts of the third party involved.
“Who does?” I countered.
“She thinks your opinions are a little outdated,” Rachelle continued.
“Who doesn’t?” I was forced to admit.
“My dad doesn’t believe in climate change.” My daughter was really on a roll now, adding insult to injury.
Next thing she’ll be telling people that I’m a member of the Flat Earth Society and what real proof is there that dinosaurs even ever existed.
Actually, my girl, just take a look at your father. Maybe I shouldn’t have labelled my blog ‘One Grumpy Old Man’s Opinion.’

Get a reputation for getting up early in the morning and you can sleep in for the rest of your life.

Actually, I used to be a ‘progressive’ decades before the term was actually coined. If I allow myself to do a little ‘virtue signalling’ (why not?… everyone else does) I read former Black Panther’s Eldridge Cleaver’s autobiography ‘Soul On Ice’ when I was in Grade 8. My political heroes were the N.D.P.’s Tommy Douglas who was the instigator of Canada’s medicare system (when he was premier of Saskatchewan) and Bobby Kennedy before he was assassinated in 1968. For my Political Science Honour’s thesis I interviewed Mel Watkins who helped found the ‘Waffle’ group on the LEFT wing of the NDP, a vocal minority who called for an end to American investment in the Canadian economy. Damn Yankee capitalists.

But I’ll be 64 years old next April and I just don’t get everyone running around in a hysterical panic like their hair is on fire about climate change.

Yes… climates change. Weather changes. You change. I change. But what I don’t see is anyone making any real individual lifestyle changes themselves. Those who are supposed to be our examples leading the rest of us out of the coming Apocalypse show us how serious they are by making their way to conferences in exotic locales by private jets and luxury yachts. Oh ye hypocrites. As my old friend Mike Dunn used to say, “Oh, they talk a good game of golf.”

Back in the 80s I couldn’t believe the number of plastic bags handed out in the grocery stores. Use ’em once, then throw them away. My wife and I began bringing back our bags to the store in order to reuse them and not add to the pile dumped God knows where. (China and the Philippines, as it turned out.) I remember the store’s cashiers looking at me as if I had just been beamed down with Star Trek’s Scotty from Alpha Centauri. “We hand out bags here,” she informed me. It was just a tiny minority who questioned the throw-away society adding to the pollution of the planet.

Pollution being the optimum word. Why don’t the ‘experts’ say we have to fight and curtail pollution, instead of the enigmatic ‘climate change’? Nobody could claim that pollution doesn’t exist, or that it occurs naturally, or that it’s just a plot from the Chinese to slow down Western economic progress. Despite the forests cut down for the newsprint and the hot air exhaled by the media to explain ‘carbon taxes’ and carbon offsets’ I don’t really get it.

Justin Trudeau flew around with two jets during this year’s political campaign. One for him and and his entourage and another for his canoes, costumes and blackface makeup. When called out by the one journalist cheeky enough to question Canada’s Golden Boy, Trudeau replied that he could pay another organization and that would ‘offset’ the second plane’s spewing of carbon waste into the atmosphere. Of course. No harm done here.
To me, that’s like a fat guy paying a skinny guy to go on a diet for him. About as much sense as blocking the building of pipelines to ship our Canadian oil in a safe manner instead of bringing in oil from renegade polluters like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia in tankers and then shipping it within Canada by rail. Anyone remember Lac Megantic ?

So no, I don’t want to hear about climate change. Let’s fight pollution instead. And to all those who point fingers at others on social media, I’ll be looking to see if you have a photo of yourself climbing into your new gas-guzzling SUV on some other site.
Thanks. I feel better now.

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