That’s Entertainment

Bear with me here, this is something that I’ve wanted to unload for some time.

I swear to the universe that a lot of people want to live in fear and misery all the time. (I use the term ‘universe’ because a lot of these same people, who call themselves “progressives”, don’t want to hear the ‘God’-word.)

For instance, am I the only one here who finds every Netflix series (Breaking Bad, Ozark, Orange is the New Black, Tiger King) to be full of anti-social,neurotic, psychotic and even murderous scum- of- the-earth types ? Please excuse me if I’m totally off in my character analysis here. Even ‘Suits’, for crying out loud, the only series that was able to hold my interest till the end, was populated with conniving,materialistic, selfish misfits.

I’m way off the spectrum here. I spent my youth watching Disney movies that were available to watch, oh, every two months in the basement of either the neighbourhood United or Anglican churches. (For some reason the Catholic church never opened their cellars for such frivolity. Remember, they were still giving their masses in Latin back then and most of my friends were passing up the opportunity to take Grade 3 Latin.) We would line up the at the doors well before the movies started, not wanting to miss out on the limited supply of pop and popcorn. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, The Parent Trip (with that Disney regular Hayley Mills) and the Son of Flubber are but a few of the names that come to mind. The only violence that occurred was when the projector’s reel ran out half-way through the entertainment, which was our cue to start booing and begin heaving our crumpled-up paper pop cups and popcorn holders at the movie screen. Our ‘badness’ was a rush of adrenaline, making us feel like a church basement full of gangstas, before they even existed.

Sure, there was evil in those movies. Who could like the wicked stepmother queen in Snow White, especially with that wart on her nose.? Hideous. But who won out in the end, I ask you ? We all knew; you could take that to the bank.

But today…no wonder half the population is on anti-depressives. I’d never heard of those until Valium and Prozac hit the shelves in the 80s and 90s. Now there are more types out there than I have hockey sticks (don’t get my wife going about that !) And no wonder. No sooner did we digest the fact that we had twelve years to save the planet from global warming/climate change than we jumped into a global pandemic that caused some of us to grab every roll of toilet paper before our anti-social neighbour got it. Apologies to any neighbour reading this, but you know who you are. I mean, how many of us could even spell the word ‘pandemic’ two months ago ?

So, to wrap this up; no wonder if at least one half the population is medicated and even acknowledging each other’s existence never occurs to a lot of us. Who would look up from their phone when every second person you meet on the street is either a potential rapist or possible serial killer ? You want to smile and nod at someone like that ? No use encouraging them.

Thank you for your patience. No one in my family is interested in listening to my ranting and raving. Anyway, I’m late for my group therapy session on Zoom.
Who says I can’t keep up with the times ?

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